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We believe today more than ever people need to own and control their health data. Since 2017 we have been developing our health data management platform and we have achieved the following:

  • Over 100,000+ digital health wallets created in multiple languages
  • Launched a HIPAA compliant health data management system with iOS and Android health apps
  • Recognized as the 1st Place in Xconomy’s Boston Biotech Week award in 2019 and recently Won Eli Lilly and Co.’s …

The Bowhead Health Team has been working hard on building the leading health data platform that puts people’s privacy first.

Below are a few highlights to review since our last update:

  • Bowhead Deep Dives Series
  • Bowhead COVID-19 De-identified Symptom Map
  • Bowhead COVID-19 Triage Platform
  • Bowhead Machine Learning model marketplace using AHT
  • Bowhead Apple Watch App
  • AHT Staking & Masternode rollout

Bowhead Deep Dives Series

Bowhead Deep Dives

Dr. Rhea Mehta, Bowhead Health co-founder has been engaging leaders in the health, privacy and big data space. …

The human genome project began as an idea in 1984 and to this day the project is still the largest collaborative biological effort in the planet.

In recent years, consumers have begun purchasing DNA tests to find our about their ancestry and explore other genes that have the potential of affecting lifestyle choices.

At Bowhead, we believe people should have the ability to see their genetic predisposition to certain traits without compromising privacy. We developed this fun video to broadcast this message:

We have developed Bowhead’s DNA test called GenomeBuddy on the Bowhead blockchain in order to ensure that…

The Bowhead Health team has been fairly quiet at work but lets not mistake that for inactivity and we are excited to provide you with a wholesome update.

  • The Current State of the Crypto Market
  • Bowhead Blockchain Updates
  • Healthy Habits App Update
  • Bowhead Device Update
  • Bowhead * Point of Care Testing

The Current State of the Crypto Market

Download the Bowhead app for iOS here
Download the Bowhead app for Android here

The Bowhead community is alive and growing, we have surpassed over 11.9K users that have created an account to track their daily habits. Bowhead’s Healthy Habits feature update is here and our team is excited to share the latest developments to continue improving user experience.

What new features can you see on the 2.4.0 Version?

Health is Wealth” Scratch Cards

We introduced this feature as another gamified interaction for users to earn up to 100 AHT tokens.

Once the user completes logging their habits that day, they will receive a scratch…

We recently noticed that stopped listing Bowhead in the search function of their platform. As of October 24 at 11 AM EST, it is available via following this link:

We have sent an email to the coinmarketcap customer support for more information. We plan to finalize the Tokenswap by December 31, 2018 to update the listing on Bowhead and plan to formalize discussions with exchanges by December 31, 2018.

If you are currently a tokenholder please use the following official URL:

Please send us feedback

Your feedback is important to us and it allows us to improve our application, blockchain and continuously improve…

This summer we have been making great strides on regular releases on our mobile application. Our team would like to take the opportunity to provide an update on the following:

  1. Mobile Application
  2. Laboratory Partnerships
  3. Hardware Device
  4. Supplements
  5. Industry Partnerships

Over 10,000 users installed the Bowhead app (give this story a clap )

We are excited to announce that this month we have launched the Bowhead $AHT store for Healthy Habits iOS and will be launching the Healthy Habits Android version this week.

Key Features developed:

  • Complete integration with Bowhead Blockchain + IPFS
  • Payment and fulfillment integration with Shopify
  • Managing of $AHT rewards all done via smart contracts

Upcoming Bowhead Mobile app features:

  • Simplified on boarding and guest access for users
  • Integration…

When you think of mindfulness, perhaps warm spring air, a babbling brook, or a Tibetan monk lowing a monotone “hum” comes to thought. But mindfulness is simply the act of becoming more self-aware — aware of where you are and what you are doing, while simultaneously allowing yourself to not be overwhelmed by what is going on around and within you.

What we think, regardless of whether we state it out loud, can have an impact on our actions. Learning to rewire our thoughts can have powerful benefits in improving our mental and physical wellbeing. …

We’ve all battled the dreaded afternoon slump. Our eyes feel heavy, the coffee is never quite strong enough and we constantly fight the urge to succumb to the drowsiness. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to take back control of your day, so you can get right back to your A-game.

Why the Sudden Drop in Energy?

Circadian rhythm

Our circadian rhythm works to regulate the timing of when we are awake and when we sleep over the course of the day. For adults, the strongest urge to sleep from our body’s internal clock occurs between 2:00–4:00 am; however, another…

How it Works

Your saliva contains your DNA and important biomarkers that can be assessed to diagnose systemic diseases, hormonal imbalances, genetic abnormalities, disease risk and even your ancestry.

Common uses for saliva are to test for the presence of disease markers, such as the BRCA breast cancer genes and for examining steroid hormone levels. Salivary testing is a non-invasive, easy-to-collect method that can be done from within your home, without the need for blood or needles.

DNA Testing

DNA from the saliva you provide can be used to create a profile of your genome to assess for nutrient imbalances…

Bowhead Health

Bowhead Health believes people can live longer and healthier lives with personalized wellness. We develop diagnostics, dispensing and data management technology

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