AHT ERC-20 Staking & Voting now on Testnet

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5 min readJan 9, 2021

This is a guide for testing AHT staking and voting features for Bowhead Health’s Anonymized Health Token (AHT)

AHT Staking and Voting Page

We believe today more than ever people need to own and control their health data. Since 2017 we have been developing our health data management platform and we have achieved the following:

  • Over 100,000+ digital health wallets created in multiple languages
  • Launched a HIPAA compliant health data management system with iOS and Android health apps
  • Recognized as the 1st Place in Xconomy’s Boston Biotech Week award in 2019 and recently Won Eli Lilly and Co.’s Innovation Challenge in Atopic Dermatitis in December 2020

We continue to develop Bowhead’s robust health data platform that uses Ethereum’s Smart Contracts to empower people to control their encryption and decryption keys. We believe this is a superior authentication method versus asking people to authenticate with their email addresses or phone numbers.

Bowhead’s encrypted data is currently on IPFS and our goal is to further decentralize Bowhead by enabling:

  • Rewards for health data
  • Community staking and voting on Bowhead’s roadmap
  • Enabling a masternode network that rewards processing power and bandwidth (Minimum 50,000 AHT needed to launch Masternode)

Today we are beginning to publicly test the community’s AHT voting and staking page at https://staking.bowheadhealth.com.

Please follow the instructions carefully and do not send AHT from your main wallet to the smart contract. This first phase of testing is only intended to use Ethereum’s Testnet.

In the healthcare system of the future Team Bowhead believes everyone should be able to securely own and control their health data & have it empower their health and happiness.

With the launch of our AHT Staking Page we invite you to get involved with our mission by staking your AHT tokens and voting on our active projects.

*Important* This is a beta version of AHT Voting & Staking, that uses Ethereum’s testnet Rinkeby. Please do not send any AHT Mainnet tokens to the token address as they will be lost forever. If you have any questions please contact support@bowheadhealth.com.

If you had AHT ERC-20 Tokens on January 6, 2021 we sent you AHT Rinkeby tokens. If you need testnet tokens please contact support@bowheadhealth.com

Tutorial: AHT Staking Page

1. Install MetaMask

To start staking your AHT, you will need to download the MetaMask extension for your browser. To view your AHT in your meta mask wallet: copy the AHT token address from the top right of the Staking page, open your Metamask wallet. Navigate to “Add Token”, and paste the address into the Custom Token field. You will now be able the AHT you have available.

At the top of the staking page is a community dashboard that shows you: (1) the total AHT staked during this round across the community (2) the countdown until the next payout, which is also the time left for the current round of community voting, and (3) the total rewards pool available during this staking round.

2. Send AHT to Staking Address

To add your AHT to the amount staked this round, simply connect your wallet using metamask, navigate to the “AHT Staking System” module, insert the amount of AHT you would like to stake, and press send to approve the transaction through Metamask. By pressing send you are sending your AHT to the rewards pool smart contract. A reminder that the ethereum mainnet gas fees apply to every transaction.

For this test phase, switch the the Rinkeby Network on Metamask:

Select Rinkeby

Use the Rinkeby Faucet to request ETH for the transactions.

3. Vote to activate your AHT

You must vote for or against the projects in the community voting module to activate your AHT. The number of votes you have is connected to the AHT you’ve staked. 1 AHT = 1 Vote. You are able to vote once per proposal. You only need to vote once, and your AHT can remain staked earning rewards. Similar to other staking and voting communities, we have implemented a 3-day lock on your AHT after you vote to mitigate any bad actors.

Finally, you can review your AHT payouts in the community and individual history module at the bottom of the Staking page.

The rewards pool smart contract will execute weekly, and your rewards payout will be determined by a function of how much you are staking and how early in the time period you staked.

You must stake for a min 72 hours to earn a payout, you may stop staking at any time but your tokens may take up to 72 hours to arrive after your last vote.

Help us test and earn more AHT!

In this phase, we are offering AHT rewards for users who are able to help us test the staking system. Please send us your address to support@bowheadhealth.com.



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