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2 min readDec 11, 2018


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The Bowhead community is alive and growing, we have surpassed over 11.9K users that have created an account to track their daily habits. Bowhead’s Healthy Habits feature update is here and our team is excited to share the latest developments to continue improving user experience.

What new features can you see on the 2.4.0 Version?

Health is Wealth” Scratch Cards

We introduced this feature as another gamified interaction for users to earn up to 100 AHT tokens.

Once the user completes logging their habits that day, they will receive a scratch card where they have the opportunity to win AHT if the correct AHT number is scratched. No purchase necessary.

Complete all your daily tracking and earn in app scratch cards

Bowhead Habit Statistics

One of the most common requests from our community is the ability to track account statistics.

You will now be able to track metrics from your daily habits through a graphical chart or calendar mode from the last 7 days, last month or custom dates.

View your history track metrics

Bowhead Profile

We added a profile picture feature to help customize your account. This allows you to choose from various avatars or upload from your photo gallery. Access these via the profile tab.

Personalize your account with a profile picture

What’s next?

We expect to launch Bowhead Kickstarter in January.

Thank you for your continued support and please reach out with your feedback, we’re listening to your requests. We love providing a platform for you to track your daily habits securely and in the most fun way possible.

Download the latest Healthy Habits Bowhead 📱 on your iOS or Android here and join us on our social channels.







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