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4 min readMay 31, 2018


IMPORTANT: We understand that having multiple types of tokens may be confusing and we are here to walk you through it as clearly as possible.

Please make sure you read the entire guide and follow the instructions very carefully. If you send tokens to the wrong address, they will not be recovered and you assume the responsibility for their loss.

Before we begin with the tokenswap guide, a quick app update:

Android Beta is currently live here. Please note: it is in Beta, this means that there are likely bugs and issues. We will work hard to resolve them as quickly as possible to move the app to production. Please make sure to write down your recovery seed, if you earn anything during Beta you will need this in order to claim your tokens later on.

iOS Beta is currently awaiting Apple reviewer feedback.

Important Note Regarding Mobile App Beta

The AHT earned in-apps will not be transferable during beta. If all goes as planned users will be able to keep the AHT earned. We reserve the right to reverse balances, reboot smart contract/testnet, during the beta in case we need to fix something. Thanks for your understanding.

The below guide is to convert AHT (Waves-based tokens) to AHT (ERC-20 tokens)

Important Notices

  • Do not send from Exchanges, send your AHT Waves tokens from the Waves Wallet
  • The process of receiving your ERC-20 tokens may take up to 5 business days after you have sent your AHT Waves tokens. Thank you for your patience.
  • If you transfer your Waves tokens they will no longer be tradeable on an exchange until the ERC-20 tokens are available on an exchange (estimate August 2018). You cannot swap back to AHT Waves-based tokens.
  • You may need to have some Waves to pay for the GAS fees in order to send us your AHT Waves tokens. If you do not want to buy Waves, try using a Waves faucet
  • There are no bonuses, airdrops at this time. Please do not be conned by fraudsters who impersonate Bowhead on chats and email. Make sure you are always on
  • Make sure you use MyEtherWallet and write down your private key. You cannot perform the tokenswap with an exchange address.

Steps for Tokenswap

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Tokenswap in the menu
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Receive confirmation code and paste on next screen of tokenswap

5. Next you will see this screen

6. Copy and Paste your Waves based address that is holding the AHT Waves Tokens. It starts with 3P…

You can find your Waves address in your Waves Wallet

8. Create a MyEtherWallet account. Make sure to write and backup your private key. We cannot be held responsible for lost wallet access. If you do not have a MyEtherWallet address. Please follow the guide below

9. Once you have your MyEtherWallet address which starts with 0x, copy this into the screen. If you did everything correctly, the amount of Bowhead tokens should appear on the screen like this:

10. Next you will find the unique Waves address where you will send your AHT Waves tokens to. You may need to have some Waves (if you are sending from the official Waves wallet) in order to execute swap.

Receiving you AHT ERC-20 Tokens

Please note: It can take up to 5 business days to receive your ERC-20 tokens.

In your myetherwallet add the following details:

Token contract address: 0x4cEf5a02C36253CFB06825acE2a356E78000145f

Symbol: AHT
Decimals: 18

That’s it! Any questions? Please email or join our community at



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