Bowhead Health Summer 2020 AHT Update

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5 min readJul 24, 2020

The Bowhead Health Team has been working hard on building the leading health data platform that puts people’s privacy first.

Below are a few highlights to review since our last update:

  • Bowhead Deep Dives Series
  • Bowhead COVID-19 De-identified Symptom Map
  • Bowhead COVID-19 Triage Platform
  • Bowhead Machine Learning model marketplace using AHT
  • Bowhead Apple Watch App
  • AHT Staking & Masternode rollout

Bowhead Deep Dives Series

Bowhead Deep Dives

Dr. Rhea Mehta, Bowhead Health co-founder has been engaging leaders in the health, privacy and big data space. We plan to release frequent episodes to learn from experts as well as see how Bowhead Health’s platform could help play a larger role in health data.

With the pandemic (and in-person conferences cancelled for the foreseeable future), we thought it would make sense to build engaging online content around these themes and build awareness on these important themes.

Health data privacy requires education and it is one of our goals with these Deep Dives series.

Bowhead COVID-19 De-Identified Symptoms Map

Bowhead Health COVID-19 De-identified Symptoms Dashboard

The Bowhead COVID-19 Symptoms Dashboard is accessible here and uses de-identified data from users who have consented to provide their de-identified data for research.

Since February 2020 the Bowhead Health team developed and released a self-assessment survey to help people monitor symptoms that may be associated to COVID-19. These surveys are available on iOS and Android store. The Bowhead team also developed a Bowhead progressive web app so the survey is accessible without needing to install an app.

The Bowhead Health team wants to help as many people as possible but we are also seeking partners (public health officials and pharmaceutical manufacturers) who would benefit from this kind of health data using AHT as the token to reward users and allow partners to access more custom data sets.

Bowhead COVID-19 Triage Platform

Bowhead Health Triage Platform

We are in early conversations with potential partners who may be interested in also having health triage and remote monitoring for people who have consented to share their health data and information with public health officials. The Bowhead Triage Dashboard is a sample of the type of triage dashboard we could build for public health officials and governments (Please note: it is using synthetic/fake data for privacy purposes).

Bowhead Machine Learning Marketplace

Since launching the Better by Bowhead apps on iOS and Android store we have had over 80,000 downloads and engaged with thousands of people who would like to contribute their de-identified health data to research.

Recently we partnered with Ottawa University and hired 3 co-op Master’s of Computer Science students who are interested in machine learning.

Our goal is to develop a marketplace where researchers can offer (or lease) their machine learning models with AHT and help people overcome illnesses or stay healthier using machine learning models that can provide additional insights.

For example, people may use a machine learning model to predict what is the best exercise and food recommendations. We believe this is a long shot and will require a lot of validation before making claims but could have a huge impact on the future of digital health.

Bowhead Apple Watch

One of the main issues with any apps is app fatigue. There are over 10, 000 health apps on the app stores. By developing Wearables apps we can allow people to contribute their de-identified health data for research easier. We currently have an Apple Watch App in a closed beta that enables:

  • Pain management
  • Migraine tracking
  • Mood tracking
  • Karnofsky Performance Scale Survey
  • Track Water
  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Sleep
  • Activity

AHT Staking & Masternode rollout

We have are currently at the design stages of the AHT Staking and Masternodes system for Bowhead.

Apart from the technical hurdles (which we feel confident we can overcome) there are multiple challenges associated with these tasks because in order for there to be a purpose of having Bowhead Masternodes there needs to be Demands for de-identified health data.

We can finally say that we believe to have reached preliminary demand in order to roll out the Bowhead AHT Staking and Masternodes system. We are currently working with Top 10 Pharmaceutical Manufacturer to roll out a system for de-identified, aggregate health data analysis.

We propose a two-stage approach to enhancing Bowhead’s decentralized network and the utility of AHT.

Bowhead Staking Beta Fall 2020

Fall 2020 we plan to enable the follow staking procedure

  1. Users with AHT ERC-20 Tokens will be able to stake their tokens
  2. Staking of AHT ERC-20 tokens will enable people to participate and vote on upcoming developments
  3. AHT ERC-20 Holders who take part in the community may receive rewards (in either ETH or AHT)

Bowhead Masternodes Beta Spring 2021

Spring 2021 those who have over 50,000 ERC-20 AHT will be the first to try Bowhead’s Masternodes. We plan to allow people the ability to select the amount of storage and bandwidth they would like to contribute to the Bowhead network.

We are currently hosting our own nodes on Amazon Web Services but our goal is to stay true in decentralizing the network and expanding the utility of the Bowhead Health platform as much as possible.

Thank you for your participation and feedback. We know there are lots of projects and health related companies (the world needs them right now) but you taking the time to read this means a lot. Your participation in the Bowhead community and your feedback has gotten us to this stage. We hope to keep building and delivering secure health solution for years to come.



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