Bowhead Health and Lifetastic Partner to Bring AI-based Clinical Trial Matching and Treatment Solutions to the GCC Region

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3 min readMay 23, 2024

Dubai, UAE — May 20, 2024Bowhead Health Inc. (BHH), a leader in precision medicine solutions, announced today an exclusive distribution partnership with Lifetastic, a prominent health solutions provider in Dubai. This multi-year agreement designates Lifetastic as the sole distributor of Bowhead’s platform and its oncology-focused AI module, Bowhead Navigator, throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

The Bowhead Navigator streamlines clinical trial matching and guideline treatments using AI.

The Bowhead Platform features a secure, blockchain-powered data management layer that ensures patient data residency, consent, and analytics compliance. Bowhead Navigator leverages a specialized oncology language model to streamline processes, efficiently match patients with suitable clinical trials and treatments, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Dr. Mohammed Jawad, CEO of Lifetastic and a former managing director for Roche Diagnostics, played a key role in launching the ‘Accu-Chek Diabetes Education Program’ across the Middle East. He also serves as a respected board member of the Canadian Business Council in Dubai. Dr. Jawad spent 12 years at Roche Diagnostics, where after promotion, he was responsible for the general management of the multi-million dollar clinical diagnostics’ Gulf organization.

“We are delighted to partner with Lifetastic to introduce Bowhead Navigator to the GCC region,” said Francisco Diaz-Mitoma Jr., CEO of Bowhead Health. “This collaboration will allow us to optimize clinical trial matching and treatment protocols, ultimately leading to better patient care and results. Lifetastic’s expertise and established presence throughout the UAE and GCC make them the ideal partner for this initiative.”

Dr. Mohammed Jawad, CEO of Lifetastic, echoed this sentiment, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Bowhead Health and bring their innovative solutions to our market. Bowhead Navigator has the potential to revolutionize how we approach patient care, clinical trials, and treatment protocols. Our goal is to establish partnerships with public health institutions, cancer research centers, molecular diagnostics labs and hospitals across the GCC to leverage Bowhead Navigator’s AI-driven solutions.”

The partnership aims to expand the use of Bowhead Navigator throughout the GCC region by fostering collaborations with key healthcare stakeholders. This will enhance the efficiency of clinical trials and support informed decision-making in treatment planning.


About Bowhead Health Inc.

Founded in 2016, Bowhead Health Inc. is a Canadian company dedicated to transforming healthcare through cutting-edge software solutions. Bowhead Health has received recognition through various prestigious awards and programs, including acceleration at Plug and Play in 2018, Xconomy’s 2019 Boston Biotech Startup Week award, Eli Lilly’s Atopic Dermatitis Global Challenge win, and selection as Roche Best Newcomer Supplier in 2021. Ontario Biosciences awarded Bowhead with a Critical Technologies label and grant funding. The company was also chosen to participate in the AI Sprint for Veteran Affairs in 2024. The Bowhead Platform streamlines patient care by efficiently matching patients with clinical trials and treatments in real-time, minimizing errors and improving outcomes.

About Lifetastic

Lifetastic is a leading health solutions provider based in Dubai, committed to delivering innovative medical technologies and services. With a focus on improving patient care, Lifetastic partners with global innovators to bring advanced healthcare solutions to the GCC market.



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