A Secure DNA Wellness Test

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2 min readFeb 26, 2019


The human genome project began as an idea in 1984 and to this day the project is still the largest collaborative biological effort in the planet.

In recent years, consumers have begun purchasing DNA tests to find our about their ancestry and explore other genes that have the potential of affecting lifestyle choices.

At Bowhead, we believe people should have the ability to see their genetic predisposition to certain traits without compromising privacy. We developed this fun video to broadcast this message:

We have developed Bowhead’s DNA test called GenomeBuddy on the Bowhead blockchain in order to ensure that only users can decrypt and share their information with health professionals or with loved ones.

Inside the box you will find:

  • Saliva collection kit
  • Prepaid label for free U.S./Canada return label

Once you receive the box, simply follow the instructions — fill the tube with saliva and send back with the prepaid label.

Bowhead has partnered with a CLIA-certified laboratory in San Diego, CA where the sample is processed and in 4–6 weeks sent via secure encryption to users.

If you already use the Bowhead Healthy Habits (iOS or Android) application you can use the same private key to login to GenomeBuddy. If not, please create and make sure to backup your private keys, these will be necessary to decrypt your information.

Order your GenomeBuddy kit at https://www.genomebuddy.com



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